Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can open more than one account with us. A new application form needs to be completed and registered with a different username and password.

The minimum investment for retail and institutional  investor is $1,000 and $50,000 respectively. and the maximum investment for a retail investor is $500,000 and $1,000,000 for institutional investor.

To send funds into your account, 1.You’d need to first decide on the investment package which is best suitable and affordable at the time of your account creation. 2. You’d need to decide on the funding channel (Bank wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Western union, Money gram) which is  best suitable and accessible for you to send in money to your account. 3. Contact our support desk , stating your account Information (username and Account manager) followed by a request for account funding information/details for your desired funding channel.

Follow the instructions and carefully use the information/details provided to send fund to us. you are required to send a proof/evidence of transfer once done to our support desk or your Account manager to aid hasten your account funding and transfer tracking.

Depending on the funding channel used, funds can be received in 24 to 48 hrs usually with Bitcoin, Western Union and Money gram. Bank transfers however can take up to 3 to 5 business days to get to your account. you will be notified once funds are in your account.

Your account manager starts trading your account immediately. you’d need to monitor the progress on your account daily by logging into your dashboard.

Yes you can, you just have to go about the process as described previously above.

An account manager/Trader is a professional/expert financial markets trader employee of Crux financial whom handles the day to day trading  activities on your account. He usually makes trading and investing decision on your behalf with the aim of profit maximization.

You’d be assigned an account manager/trader withing 24 hrs of your account creation. His contact info will be sent to your e-mail to enable you reach out to him.

No, you won’t be paying him for his services. crux financial handles that.

You can request a withdrawal at any time of the day, week or month. however you can only put in 3 withdrawal request per month. You can put in a withdrawal request from your dashboard or by writing to our support desk  of your intention through E-mail 

Typically you’d receive your requested withdrawal within 24 to 48 hrs of requesting usually through Bitcoin, Western Union and Money gram. a withdrawal request through Bank wire transfer takes 2 to 5 business  days to be delivered to the bank account you provided.

You’d be charged a 15% service charge or commission which would be debited from your requested withdrawal amount. this charge is employed on any withdrawal request and at any time or period of a withdrawal amount. This is basically how we make  money.

No, you’re only charged a service fee upon withdrawal. however if you do not request a withdrawal in a month your total profit for the month will be rounded off with your capital investment at the start of the month, total to be upgraded and be used to trade for you in the new month.

Yes you can, To have someone registered as your refer you need to copy and send the REFERRAL LINK which is usually displayed on your account dashboard to your potential refer, when he creates an account with the link you’ve provided our system automatically registers he/she as your Refer

Yes, you’d receive a 5% commission of the total first time deposit of your refer which will be added to your account profit.

No, you can Refer as many as possible. The number of your refers is directly proportional to the incentive to be received.

Kindly write our support desk or your account manager for any  questions not listed here.